"The church is supposed to scatter around the world and proclaim the gospel, while transforming society inside of the church—not outside"

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I read this quiickly, but came away encouraged by some reminders of basic things. Distinctions between the Church and Israel, corporate and individual responsibility, and how one views eschatology being an honest influence upon how an individual and local churches will do compassion ministry. It would be good to go even further, though, and also examine how "Universal Church" theology often appears to set aside 'local church centrality.' My observation is that "Universal Church" theology, commonly articulated by parachurch organizations, is often the model used to advance larger or more grand ministry approaches when it comes to compassion ministry. And yet, doctrinal convictions of individuals and of local assemblies will play a significant role in determining to what extent compassion or mercy ministy takes place and what that ministry would look like.