NBC nixes 'Under God' from Pledge

“NBC omitted the phrase ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance during an opening video in its coverage of the U.S. Open golf tournament June 19 and then apologized on-air apparently after receiving criticism.”

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I have more issues with the "pledge allegiance" part than the "under God part".

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IMHO, I think this was more political than anything. Christianity and conservatism are closely related in the mindset of the general public, and NBC, lefter than left, was just trying to take a bite out of the GOP. It's hilarious that it backfired so badly.

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The phrase itself is not original to the pledge of allegiance. It was added in 1954. So, I'm ambivalent about that subject.

What I find more interesting is that an individual, or an entity, would think itself fit to amend, at will, a corporate expression/document. As far as I'm aware, the wording of the Pledge is fixed by Congress and can be amended. However, no individual or other group has that authority. The Pledge is "owned" by all of us as a whole, but not by any of us in particular. That concept may be lost on contemporary America, which increasingly blurs the distinction between representative government and mob-rule.

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