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NBC News promotes its own Satanism-scare report, which is itself a kind of scare-news device

"Yes, QAnon believers allege all kinds of wild things about Satan’s work in American politics. This is not the same thing as the scores of mainstream believers...  who will testify that they see the work of the Devil in some mind, body and spirit warping trends in modern life." - GetReligion

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Bad News: Reading the News Too Much Is Terrible For Your Mental Health

"Some people get a little too caught up in the news, right? Not you, of course.... just in case, you might want to check into a new study from Taylor and Francis, that found compulsive news consumption is a true terror for your mental health and even takes a toll on your physical health." - Relevant

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New stories on New Apostolic Reformation, Sean Feucht keep assuming a right-wing takeover

"...the NAR is not this conspiratorial, worldwide, monolithic, demonic movement. As part of the mix, she does mention Sean Feucht.... Feucht is many things both good and bad, but he’s not NAR." - GetReligion

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What if mass media can't get rid of misinformation (or agree on what the term means)?

"Educate youngsters on how to 'spot lies, think critically, and ask questions,' using programs like those at Media Literacy Now. As for social media, instead of censorship or de-platforming, the cyber-pros need to provide audiences full context on what specific source, perhaps a paid or self-interested group or a pathetic mischief-maker, lies behind what they post." - Get Religion

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How Did So Many Fact Checkers Get the Tragic Story of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Wrong?

"for a reporter, it’s not enough to just ask questions. You have to actually get answers. The people who attempted to fact check the Indianapolis Star’s reporting had plenty of questions about the story itself, but publishing those questions in and of itself does not constitute a fact check." - Relevant

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'Forced' to bear twins: Washington Post offers morality tale about reluctant teen mom in Texas

"'[Post:] There was only one way she could make sense of it, she said: Losing them now — as fully formed human beings — would be different from losing them back then.' How so? Could the Post have interviewed activists and scientists on both sides of that question?.... all we hear about in the piece is how many career opportunities the mother has lost" - GetReligion

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