Pastoral search committees have clear priorities, but they are very seldom clearly articulated. Four levels at play.

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Donn R Arms

Having been involved to one degree or another with several churches’ search processes, I’m not sure that having “clear priorities” — or even “clearly articulating” them — is strong enough medicine for what may ail us.

I have seen full-grown men on a search committee swayed by something as superficial as the color and thickness of a prospect’s hair, and even heard the unexpected sentiment that the church may have to change its doctrine to match a potential candidate if he is “good enough.”

I think, in general, independent fundamental church leaders are often embarrassingly ill-informed on something as simple as, for instance, the difference between a B.A. and an M.Div. degree — to say nothing of the finer points of theology.

In short, I think the process needs a fair amount of study and, perhaps, reworking. I don’t have all the answers; I just know I’ve seen more than enough that concerns me.

Perhaps these things are just the symptoms of bigger problems…

Church Ministries Representative, serving in the Midwest, for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry