Pulpit Committee

The small-church pastor search

"In my experience, the search process usually takes longer for smaller churches. With limited financial resources, most small churches cannot provide a full-time compensation and benefits package for their pastor and his family, which often requires the pastor to serve in a bi-vocational capacity." - BPNews 

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Pastor accused of abuse no longer Tenn. candidate

"Effective immediately, we have dissolved our pastor search committee and ended our relationship with all candidates....We will take a short break from our pastor's search as we pray together while continuing to pursue God's plan for our church. We will also look for an interim pastor who will provide leadership and direction in the days ahead." - BPNews

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10 Crazy Questions Asked by Pastoral Search Committees

"Serving on a pastoral search committee is a tough assignment tasked to church members who may not have interview training or anything to go off other than their personal preferences for a new pastor. As such, most pastors have had their fair share of interesting search committee experiences." - Facts & Trends

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Why Your Church Won’t Be Able to Find a Pastor

Pulpit Search Committee: Update on Initial Vision Process Could Come Within Next Six Months!