"To the statist, the fundamental purpose of employing women in military combat is to destroy the unique virtues that define manhood"

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I agree with the author on the results of the destruction of masculine and feminine virtue.  I disagree with him on the conspiracy.  He presents it as if "statists" are consciously using feminists to create a docile populace.  I think they will actually be surprised to see it blow up in their faces.

These are people who ignore God's natural and revealed law.  They refuse to believe that scarcity exists.  They refuse to believe that men and women have fundamental physical and emotional differences.  They refuse to believe that mankind is naturally selfish and lazy.  They are fools in the biblical sense, and they will be shocked to see their ill-advised schemes collapse.  Proverbs 29:1


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The root of this foolish error is mankind's utopian fantasy that envisions a paradise without God and His law.