Force fathers to stay at home? A warning from Europe

“Joanne Lipman opened the debate with her op-ed titled, ‘Want Equality? Make New Dads Stay Home.’ She highlighted the case of Humanyze, which obliges all fathers to take 12 weeks paternity leave.” - Acton


The study suggests that requiring dads to stay home with their infants for twelve weeks actually leads to divorce, and the suggested reason is that it has something to do with a required loss of income. In other words, if you disrupt the man’s natural pattern of provision, bad things happen.

I’m guessing it also does not exactly help that there are simply some things men simply cannot do with regards to infant care, and that having the father around trying to “help” when what the baby needs to do is nurse or listen to mom’s heartbeat simply earns Mom’s contempt. Or in the words of a former manager of mine when I admitted that, no, I wasn’t feeding the baby for an obvious reasons, “I guess there are some places where hardware still matters.”

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