The Netherlands Allows Doctors to Euthanize Patients Without Their Consent

"...doctors are allowed to execute—murder—their patients and 'it is no longer necessary for the doctor to agree with the patient when or how euthanasia will be administered' if the patient has dementia or a similar medical condition." - AiG

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The AiG piece has plenty of legitimate criticism in it, but I wish they'd be more precise. The policy change is apparently in reference to patients who have already requested physician assisted suicide. So what's happening here -- best I can tell -- is that the rules are changing to allow the Docs in this situation to, under some circumstances, make the decision about when it's time, and take the initiative.

This is bad enough and where we ought to focus. But it's not a green light to MD's to terminate whatever patients they choose. It's a pretty good case in point as to what assisted suicide policy can eventually lead to. Sometimes "slippery slope" is not a fallacy.

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