Beware the nationalism trap: Political partisanship (pt 2)

"...the seduction in our time is intense, as principles are forgotten in the passion of pressing issues." - CPost

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At least this article comes closer to showing what they mean by nationalism when it states"

  The desperation is so great some dream of Christian nationalism in which Church and state are one.

That definitely does not sound like the position of the typical conservative voter and definitely not the position of the typical Trump supporter.  As the article pointed out, Trump took positions that Christians were not comfortable with.  

What confuses me is that so many who are warning about Christian nationalism go right to Trump when there is a far greater danger from Doug Wilson.  Unless you live near his community you may not even be aware of how much they are affecting the whole area and implementing a church state.  Broader evangelicalism however is not jumping on the Christian dominion position.   BTW I wish Trump would just stay out of politics, but I fear he has become a distraction that makes many miss other serious issues.