"Much is tolerated overseas because that's supposed to be different"

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Jim Peet wrote:
Makes me want to move overseas!

Makes me want to go back sometimes Smile However it is interesting to see how the Lord provides. Today a Christian lady called and asked for our address and tax ID # to send an end-of-the-year donation. 100k. No, just kidding about the amount.

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Re this section:

The same pastor and church supported as when we were doing pioneer ministry with Arminian Amillennialists who used wine in the Lord's Supper, yeah the real stuff.

We recently viewed pics of a fellowship of believers in a S/A country. Believers were gathered at a fellowship meal. Wine bottles on the table, wine glasses in hand. Context was a missionary church plant by a well known fundamentalist missions agency.


Much is tolerated overseas because that's supposed to be different