What Makes Young Evangelicals Less Conservative?

"[T]the more embedded Millennial Evangelicals are in the Evangelical subculture and the less interaction they have with non-Evangelicals, the more likely they are to demonstrate attitudes diverging from their elders." CPost

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It's worth noting that a lot of conservative subculture is just plain not Biblical.  One of my favorites is the allegation that pork-eating, church-attending, beer-drinking President Obama is a closet Muslim.....and if one does not figure out why this would be obnoxious to young people, one needs a clue transfusion.  All too often, when we get involved in politics, we leave our scruples and attention to detail at the door, and when young people clue in in this, they rightly conclude that we might not be paying serious attention to our theology, either.

Quite a bit of baby in that bath water they're throwing out, of course, but it's not illogical that they're doing it.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I have referred to this as the 'Christian Brat" mentality.  Christians who are only exposed to or only associate with other Christians don't know what the real issues are.  It is sort of like the difference between "First World Problems" and real problems, Third World Problems.

Some of them grow up to be Christians leaders who have reacted to the frustrations of childhood -- e.g., legalism, etc.  and then take churches into their particular fad. I won't name names because I am too nice a guy Smile



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