Why the medium of cool isn’t a neutral vehicle for the gospel

"Are the medium and the message really so detached that, no matter how an idea is packaged or presented, its meaning remains the same?" Hipster Christianity, revisited

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Amen.  One seems to want to ask some of the "hipsters" if pastors who are in their forties or fifties and carrying a bit of extra weight really ought to be trying to pull off the "skinny jeans" look, and whether they might do well to consider.....just exactly how many people they might be turning off by doing so....to draw a picture I've seen.

(as I've noted as I read the newspaper ads, pants in a womens' size 20 or men's 48 waist are many things, but "skinny" jeans they are not....)

Another thought I have is that "hipster" Christianity appears to place great stock in proving that one is "authentic" and "humble", which of course means that the person so striving is a complete fake and has serious problems with pride.  And don't think that the unbelieving world can't tell from 100 yards away that this is the case.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Don't they make "fatty" jeans to go with fatty genes too.

Pastor Mike Harding