"Only 8 percent of white evangelical Protestants said 'stricter gun control laws and enforcement' are the most important solution"

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When will they get it? Stricter laws do nothing but make it easier for maniacs to murder at will...( sigh)......

Mr Bailey

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No man has any control over where he is born, into what family, at what time (historically) or what country. No man has any control over how, where and when he is taken out. When the Almighty wants you out of time and in eternity all the guns in the world won't stop him.

Why is it that people who make the claim that the Almighty has promised to protect them, are so frighten of being slain by Him. He is after all the first cause of all things that come to pass and works all things according to His good pleasure. Why do people think that the Eternal is their enemy and He is going to send an armed hit man to murder them and their families?