A Christian Alternative to Unicorn Governance

"The centuries-long debate between conservatives and progressives about governance, argues Michael Munger, is essentially a disagreement about a simple concept: whether the State is a unicorn."

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.....is essentially the same argument that socialists and Communists have been using for decades; "The reason that socialism/communism didn't work is because the right people weren't running it.  And thankfully, <our leader> is now the right person to run it."

So I think Munger is on the right track, but there is unfortunately a very difficult naivete among the progressive left (and too many on the right) which simply presumes that their people are smart enough to run things, and they will be the ones running things.  So really you've more or less got to convince them of what Hayek and von MIses noted about how it is impossible for any one entity to know enough to effectively govern in the area of non-public goods (as described by Adam Smith).

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