Preacher, Study the Text—But Also Study Your People

"It’s one thing to exegete the text; it’s another thing to exegete the people. A preacher who studies the text but not his people is missing out on clearer application and more nuanced communication." - 9 Marks

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This article is one of the reasons why I believe that the fellowship time that we have after the service is even more important than adding another teaching time.  We have cookies, juice, etc set out for after service just as a reminder that people are welcome to stick around.  Most of the people don't even make it to the food table because they just start talking to each other right away.  We still leave the food out though, just as a reminder to stay and the kids often end up going around offering cookies to people as they are talking.

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We have a full meal every Sunday and it is always a blessed time. Most people stay for it.