"Effective November 3rd, 2010, Bradley Smith resigned as Senior Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church"

“…The Deacons unanimously accepted his resignation…”
Bethel Ministries

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The church is not commenting on the particulars at this time. To avoid facilitating rumors and speculation, we'll be leaving comments closed for the time being.
Dr. Smith is also Chairman of the http://www.fbfi.org ]Fundamental Baptist Fellowship

Bio from a cached version of Bethel's staff page:
"A native of Denver Colorado, Brad Smith graduated from Bob Jones University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Speaking and in 1982 with a Master of Arts in Theology. An honorary doctorate was conferred upon him by Ambassador Baptist College in 2006. Since 1983, Brad has served on the pastoral staff at Bethel in various capacities; he became senior pastor on January 3, 1999. Brad is director of Mid-America Baptist Fellowship and president of Illinois Association of Christian Schools and Schaumburg Christian School. He currently serves on the boards of Baptist World Mission, Bob Jones University, Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International, and International Baptist Missions. Brad and his wife Priscilla have three adult children and enjoy leading tours of Bible lands and visiting mission fields."

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At the http://www.fbfi.org/home ]FBFI site. ..
"On November 10, Dr. Brad Smith requested a leave of absence from his duties as Chairman of the Board of the FBFI. We have no official information other than what was posted on the website of Bethel Baptist Church."