"Liberty University recently threw its hat into the virtual ring with a church service held via Facebook."

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It's not a church. It's Gnostic falsehood to call FB (or any other electronic thingy) "church." No such animal. Community it may be, of sorts, but it can't be church. Corporate means together and, though you can have a voice online, you're never really there with the others. Are they sharing the Lord's Supper together too? Maybe if you have a bathtub, the "pastor" can virtually baptize new members too?

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I'm afraid some will abuse the church Facebook or website streaming technology and use it as the personal easy way out, avoiding the necessary "one anothers" of NT church. But, honestly, some who may attend church every time the doors are open are guilty of consumerism and/or cliquishness and don't participate with "one another" mentalities either. Some will selfishly/lazily substitute Facebook for actual church attendance--or any other kind of gathering that required time/travel/face-to-face interaction. Others will (hpefully) just do it when necessary and/or to supplement what they already do. Eh, bien. Now that we have cell phones, email, Skype, etc., hand-written letters are also a dying practice (just ask the Post Office). I don't see that turning around. So, as times change, let's be proactive and creative. Sounds like Liberty made a good decision under the circumstances.


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