How ‘LBGT-Affirming’ Is Like KJV-Onlyism

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I think the article is bad, and maligns a lot of our brethren who sincerely love and cherish the KJV. I would be surprised if Carter has actually interacted with many ordinary, sincere KJVO guys. He quotes from another source for his info on KJVO. He likely has no idea about the spectrum of beliefs on this subject. I'm not sure what motivated him to write such a ridiculous hit piece.

There is a difference between the nice lady who likes her original Scofield KJV, and has been told by her pastor that the KJV is the best translation, and a man like Sam Gipp. Joe Carter apparently doesn't think so.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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Tyler, you're missing a key distinction Carter makes at the beginning of the article; the difference between those who love the KJV (like me) or even prefer it, vs. many who argue it's the only reliable translation or even that other translations are not God's Word at all.  To draw a picture, one can love or even prefer the KJV without claiming that the Alexandrian manuscripts and eclectic text are corrupted--and that is the core of KJVO, really. 

Carter's comparing the second group to LBGT-affirmers, and he's exactly correct that you've got to take a LOT of shortcuts in your exegesis to arrive at either point.  Is it all gold?  Nah, but he's got a good point in the central issue.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I agree with Tyler...this is a terrible article.  Stupid and not fair at all to our KJV brethren. The KJV is a good and valid translation. While I disagree with KJVO, landing there doesn't put you in the same place as LBGT affirming.  Not even close.