Survey: ‘Great replacement’ belief correlates with Christian nationalist views

"A new survey finds a majority of Americans who hold to such a view also believe in a 'replacement' conspiracy theory holding that immigrants are invading the U.S. in an attempt to replace the country’s current culture." - RNS

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This was quite interesting.  I think a lot of people are frustrated, and so they are looking for theories to express their frustration.

"The Midrash Detective"

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I have a hard time understanding what is the concern with allowing more people into this country?  Our birthrate is decreasing and therefore the strain on our economy, social services and healthcare is going to grow.  Allowing hard working immigrants into this country not only increases the labor pool, it introduces a whole new set of consumers, which is critical to a capitalist society, it increases the tax base and it increases the birthrate, thereby reducing the strain on our economy.  People have been touting that they will take away jobs from hard working citizens.  Well look around.  Most restaurants can't seat more than 50% of the customer because of a lack of workers.  The supply chain is a mess because of a lack of workers.  Even if they took away jobs, they also create jobs.