Decline of the Right

'Dangerous development': Albert Mohler denounces Trump's Constitution comments

“In an episode of his podcast… said Trump’s posting on social media Saturday was ‘a direct contradiction of the oath of office for the president of the United States.’” - CPost

Related: “A president’s most important promise is to defend the Constitution” - Al Mohler at World

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The Rise of Right-Wing Wokeism: A Review of ‘The Case for Christian Nationalism’ by Stephen Wolfe

"I understand and sympathize with the desire for something like Christian Nationalism, but if this book represents the best of that ism, then Christian Nationalism isn’t the answer the church or our nation needs." - Kevin DeYoung

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Edmund Burke Can Still Inspire the American Right

"Edmund Burke was someone who believed that 'he had a duty to the present and a duty to the future . . . a duty to liberty in policy and a duty to stability in polity.' A modern American conservative movement that embodied these axioms would surely be one less wracked by the internecine conflicts that bedevil it today." - Acton

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In Campaign Ad, Pastor Running for Congress Features AR-15, Depicts Democrats as Klansmen Coming to Lynch Him

"Running to represent a district of Arizona ...the main issues Davison is addressing with his campaign are education, free speech on the internet and social media, and election integrity." - C.Leaders

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