Donald Trump has created an excruciating moment for evangelicals

Go to the story at the Washington Post that Jim has linked to, and then read the comments.

I’d argue that EVANGELICALs have created a difficult environment for ourselves. Had we acted en masse on what anyone who’s read his books would know—that Trump is a sleaze—we would have Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz as our nominee, and they’d be ten points up. Honestly, there is nothing new in those 2005 videos/audio that we didn’t know already. He didn’t part from Ivana or Marla because of irreconciliable differences, after all.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

was Marco Rubio was widely disliked for initially being against amnesty when he ran for senate, but then immediately got involved in the Gang of 8 allowing amnesty. Ted Cruz was disfavored by some because of the problem where he was born in Canada. Some thought that was disqualifying.

My point is, regardless of the details, many evangelicals had problems with all of the options, and given the fact that many despised “business as usual” in Washington, they went with the outsider. That is what happened.

Let me be clear, I voted for Cruz, and the state I live in went for Cruz.

Mark, agreed 100% and liked, too. What you say serves as an example, I think, of how I need to make sure I look at character, because “the right position without character” is generally equal to the wrong position. I caucused for Rubio, but liked Cruz, too.

Jim: true as far as it goes, but interestingly it doesn’t mention how Hilliary didn’t just stay with her husband, but actively covered up for his adulteries and perhaps even at least one rape he committed back when running for President in 1992. There seems to be a not very subtle difference between forgiving behavior and enabling it, and Hilliary is clearly on the “enabling” side.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

The Clinton marriage is a political marriage, each using the other to achieve political goals. Does anyone really think that Hillary Clinton has been faithful to Bill Clinton during their marriage? Many questions and rumors abound about Hillary Clinton’s sexual orientation and relationship with some of her staff. Hillary Clinton remains married to Bill Clinton because of the many perks and benefits which come with the relationship. Both of them are politically astute and shrewd, not to be underestimated.

Wally Morris
Huntington, IN

I did look up Webster, and yes, he’s been a friend of IBLP for a number of years. Now Webster is not the only problem, nor is the Freedom Caucus as a whole, but certainly scorched earth tactics in the pursuit of a completely unreasonable goal aren’t helpful.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.