"A lot of conservatives and Republicans owe Bill Clinton an apology."

"Every single person who supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton because 'character matters' . . . and is now supporting Donald Trump in spite of his despicable, ungodly, immoral and amoral character, owes the former president and likely future first husband an apology." NONE of the Above: An Examination of Our Election Options

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I agree that character matters, and that neither Clinton, nor Trump, possesses it.  Nor does Hilliary, really.  But that noted, the reason BIll Clinton was impeached was not that he was a liar and adulterer, but was rather due to for perjury (lying under oath) and obstruction of justice, crimes for which he was relieved of his bar license.

So what we've got is a crook (perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of government records, mishandling of classified information, etc..) versus a scumbag.  No good choice, but the scumbag is (a) not clearly a criminal and (b) has enemies who would be glad to remove him from office.

No apology to Bill, except for the failure to remove him from office in 1998.

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Criminal versus moral failure big difference.  Bert is on the money.  It did not help that the FBI Agent and Starr were stupid and could not investigate themselves out of a wet paper bag.  I have personnel  knowledge of the FBI Agent to make this statement. Maybe if a competent Investigator and Prosecutor who remained objective could have caught old Billy Boy instead of putting their legalistic judgemental  personal beliefs into the investigation which is s big no no.  Always remain objective.   Billy Boy was no dummy he was a road scholar but the FBI Agent  and Starr were not. Billy Boy ran circles around them.  Id bet Bert and I could have taken him down Billy Boy . With Berts Great stratagey and intellect and my bull dog gum shoeing Billy Boy would have been done. Anyway back to the point criminal worse than moral failure although the worse then this is calling a criminal act a moral failure and down playing the criminal act or acts to protect the person so other Christians protect the rep of their friend so that it can be said that he only made a simple mistake only deserving a couple of Godly rebukes.  Sick huh and there are ones on this forum that think this way and so stated it. So no one owes Bill Clinton an apology. Just because you beat the investigation does not mean you did not do it.  Remember the failure of the Bill Clinton investigation by two Bozos and the waste of 300 mil of taxpayer money was the big reason the Republicans could not get a Special Prosecutor for Hillary so blame the prior Republicans like Newt Gingrich for being idiots. 

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Joe, appreciate the words of kindness, but the thing that strikes me here is that the higher levels of our government resemble little so much as the Mob--no insult intended to Cosa Nostra, of course!   The code of omerta that fills the place--prosecute Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart because they're expendable, but not Hilliary Clinton for far greater crimes, or watch the investigation of Rod Blagojevich blow up just before the names of the bidders would have become known--is just amazing.  And it doesn't help that too many prosecutors seem to believe that they've got to have an open and shut case for a heinous felony before they bring charges, either.

Getting to the point where the only solution may be to shut most of the enterprise down, IMO.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.