The Old Testament Still Matters

"[O]ne major issue is a lack of apologetics teaching. . . .But it goes deeper. Our young people don’t even know what the Bible teaches or that its grand narrative, beginning in Genesis, points to salvation through Jesus Christ." - AiG

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Last night, I learned that some young men I interact with, all of whom had grown up in the church, had read through the entire Bible once or less.  I'm guessing if I asked around more, I'd find more depressing news.  

I have my differences with some things AIG does, but one thing I really treasure about them and Ken Ham is that they constantly call us to pay attention to not only prooftexting or New Testament theology, but to view the Scriptures as a meaningful whole.  May the "tribe" of those who do so, inside and outside AIG, ever increase.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The Old Testament set the pathway for the New Covenant!