The Old Testament Still Matters

“[O]ne major issue is a lack of apologetics teaching… .But it goes deeper. Our young people don’t even know what the Bible teaches or that its grand narrative, beginning in Genesis, points to salvation through Jesus Christ.” - AiG


Last night, I learned that some young men I interact with, all of whom had grown up in the church, had read through the entire Bible once or less. I’m guessing if I asked around more, I’d find more depressing news.

I have my differences with some things AIG does, but one thing I really treasure about them and Ken Ham is that they constantly call us to pay attention to not only prooftexting or New Testament theology, but to view the Scriptures as a meaningful whole. May the “tribe” of those who do so, inside and outside AIG, ever increase.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

The Old Testament set the pathway for the New Covenant!