Christian and Missionary Alliance Opens Second Investigation of Ravi Zacharias

“New claims raise concerns that previous allegations were not thoroughly investigated by his denomination.” - C.Today


This investigation will have a lot of practical & ethical problems. Since the one accused is dead, defense/explanation concerning accusations automatically favors the one making accusations. Concerning the statement “prevent leaders from becoming mega rock stars in the first place.” - practically I don’t know how you can prevent that. Tell someone they can’t write as much, speak as much? Very odd.

Wally Morris
Huntington, IN

….is that RZIM knew a lot of whatever happened between Ravi and Mrs. Thompson. They didn’t make a settlement and insist on an NDA because there was nothing there. Moreover, they’ve known about Ravi’s faking his credentials for years, and anyone who reads the papers ought to know that “massage parlor with foreign workers” too often (but not always) means “brothel.” They knew an awful lot, but didn’t act on what they knew because Ravi was the show.

The new allegations are just a suggestion that the rot may have been a lot worse than they previously knew.

Now you can’t, and shouldn’t, work to prevent a man with great gifts from exercising them. You can, however, keep that man in check with a number of standard corporate governance methods. You check credentials, check and publish financials, insist on standards of accountability, and you remind the person of great gifts that it’s not all about him, but rather all about Him. You discourage men from naming their ministries after themselves. You intervene when a man starts businesses (e.g. massage parlors) that often are fronts for brothels. You insist that men with great gifts have a plan for succession when they move on or die—that’s really at the heart of Matthew 28’s command to make disciples.

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