Ravi Zacharias ministry confirms apologist 'did indeed engage in sexual misconduct'

"Releasing an interim report by Miller & Martin PLLC, which the ministry hired to investigate allegations of misconduct ... RZIM said, 'Sadly, the interim investigation update indicates this assessment of Ravi’s behavior to be true.'" - CPost


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David R. Brumbelow's picture

A sad, sad, report. 

Should cause all of us take heed, be accountable, and stay close to Jesus. 

David R. Brumbelow

Joeb's picture

It seems like no one has learned a lesson.  This stuff keeps happening over and over again.  You'd think the Church would learn a lesson.  Like I said in the past the IFB seems to have turned a corner and is moving in the right direction.  The Southern Baptist Convention and other Conservative Evangelicals are still causing and staying in train wrecks. JD Grear refusing to fire Brian Loritts is a JOKE.  This is very sad. Thank God the people on SI have scrupples honesty and intelligence.  

G. N. Barkman's picture

Yes, this "stuff" keeps happening over again, and will until Christ returns.  The idea that "the church" can and should do something that will stop it is like saying the church should do something to keep Christians from sinning.  Best wishes on that endeavor.

Yes, there are some things we can do to make this less likely, but we know it will continue to happen.  We must deal with it according to Biblical instructions whenever it arises, not delude ourselves into thinking we can do "something" to prevent it from happening.

G. N. Barkman

Jonathan Charles's picture

"Where there's smoke there's fire." The Bible warns us about believing things about people that cannot be attested to by multiple sources. A reputation is too valuable to allow it to be destroyed by gossip. But there was a lot of smoke with Zacharias. His inflated resume, the situation with Mrs. Thompson-he texted things that didn't fit the explanation that he was the target of extortion. Then, he was part owner of two day spas?

I don't see how the RZIM brand survives. I don't see how they can use his content.