Friends, If I Unfriend You, Here’s Why

"...please (especially to my Christian friends, I beg of you) please stop • mocking • denigrating • demonizing • and dehumanizing people who hold opposing positions. They are image-bearers of God. And they are as deeply loved by their creator as you are." - C.Leaders

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that people are all concerned about Trump (and his followers) for being rude and unkind, but at the debate, for example, Biden repeatedly said Trump was a liar, dishonest, deceptive, lacked integrity, and was an ogre.... and no one thinks that's rude! Chris Wallace didn't think that was bad and unkind... He thinks its true!

And on any given day you can read 100 media articles and news reports about how horribly deceptive and dishonest Trump is.

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Mark wrote:

Biden repeatedly said Trump was a liar, dishonest, deceptive, lacked integrity, and was an ogre.

Some people probably don't rate those as lies.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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For my part, I'm not blocking others, but I am distancing myself from some rhetoric, especially that about COVID, and I'm learning not to engage with certain people (both sides of the aisle) who seem to be just cutting and pasting talking points.  Sometimes it works.  :^)

Regarding Biden, yup.  And it's fun to look up the Snopes article about whether Kamala Harris slept her way to the top--it's quite remarkable the kind of excuses Snopes makes for her, excuses I'm pretty sure would never be made for, say, Donald Trump.  You want to respond "folks, if you want a reputation as honest fact-checkers, maybe....don't put your finger on the scale so obviously?"  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Yesterday, upon leaving the hospital, Trump tweets "Don't fear COVID." Now, could he tweet more to put it in better context what he was thinking? Sure, the media and twitterverse immediately jump on the totally negative interpretation and say Trump spit in the face of every COVID victim out there... and Trump is rude?

Let's see, circa 1932 Roosevelt said "we have nothing to fear but fear itself..." and he was lauded as a hero. A visionary... a leader. But in 2020, we want our fear! At least until we get that man Trump out of office!

We need prayer folks. As a nation. We need unity.