Christian Attitudes

“The meek person is gentle toward others even when insulted by them, even when scorned by them, even when harmed by them.”

Meekness "is the opposite of insisting that this world would be a better place if God and man alike just did things my way. Therefore, it is the opposite of grumbling against God’s providence as it’s expressed through circumstances or even through the hands of men." - Challies

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“Christian joy stands out among a sad and sullen people”

The Christian is a joyful being! He’s one who has come to know God and hopes to know him more fully, indeed, to know him face to face in glory where there will be an eternal enjoyment of who He is and who we are in Him. In this world, this kind his joy is contagious." - Ref21 

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On Healthy Minds in Troubled Times, Part 3: Selflessness

"In troubled times, 'looking out for Number One' is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Just as a threefold cord is not easily broken, so we as believers benefit by facing the certain troubles as a unified body, looking out for and supporting one another. Troubled times are the worst times to be fragmented or to go it alone." - Olinger

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The False Gospel of Assuming the Worst of Others

"We need the humility to stop pretending we have infallible knowledge of other people’s motives, especially when we engage brothers and sisters on the social-justice controversies of our day. It’s better to ask people about what makes them tick (or ticked) rather than assume it. That’s part of what it means to obey Scripture’s command to 'be quick to hear' (James 1:19)." - TGC

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