As Senate nears Kavanaugh confirmation vote, faith voices speak out

"On Wednesday (Oct. 3), the National Council of Churches — which boasts 38 member denominations with 40 million members — unveiled a sternly worded statement demanding Kavanaugh withdraw from consideration." - RNS

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Now that this is nearing an end, the last few weeks have been ridiculous.  In the end, I don't really care if he is voted in or not.  But we have reached new levels of insanity here.  The FBI interviewed all key members who were named to have been witnesses in the event and not a single one recalled any of this and some had never even met Kavanaugh.  Then we have sworn statements from people who know Ford and Ramirez (ex-boyfriends) that state that they lied under oath.  Ford has flown in planes, lives in an apartment with one door, helped her close friend through a polygraph exam......  And Ramirez constantly tells lies and has named numerous uncorroborated sexual against others.  Lastly, the mistatements that people are claiming about Kavanaugh is now the level of drunkeness and beligerence that he exhibited while drinking as a teenager 36 or more years ago.  No one has still corroborated that he blacked out, that he assualted anyone nearly 40 years ago, and no one has claimed he has had any level of drinking problems or problems with women as an adult.  We are now at levels that someone acted at as a kid.  Everyone wants more and more interviews in the hope of finding someone who could say possibly one thing to get someone to change their mind.  At this point, Ramirez has lost all credibility and the more people coming out on Ford, is starting to cause her to loose credibility.  This has been one crazy show.  If the democrats really want to delay the vote.  That is fine, then just come out and say it.

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It's not that the pastors and deacons/elders/trustees of 100000 member churches all signed on to the document.  It's that the staff at the NCC offices, or at best a few bishops from a majority of denominations, signed on.  So to claim it's representative of 38 million members is pure nonsense, to put it very politely. 

I can understand why they would try, though.  Liberal agendas are more often implemented by judges who view the law as "flexible" to current views than by legislatures, so why should we be surprised that the judiciary committee Democrats are doing the same thing with the ordinary rules of evidence?  It's the same thought process, really, and one that I hope and pray gets a lot of Democrats returned to the private sector soon.

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