Kavanaugh hearings open, abortion draws spotlight

"When opening statements finally got underway, Feinstein said the question is not whether Kavanaugh believes the Supreme Court's 1973 decision legalizing abortion is 'settled law' but 'whether you believe it is correct law.' She expressed concern with Kavanaugh's dissent earlier this year from a decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ordering the Trump administration to grant abortion access to a pregnant immigrant teen in the U.S. illegally." - BPress

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....than about Kavanaugh, really. 

I would have hoped that even Feinstein could see that there is a qualitative difference between supporting Roe v. Wade and requiring government to host an illegal immigrant and pay for her abortion, but apparently not.  I watched Kavanaugh's response, and it was artful--told her he "respected" stare decisis without saying it's inviolable.  

What I learned: Feinstein wants someone to support the ever-growing encroachment of government into our lives.  And Kavanaugh seems to have a respect for precedent which is not slavish adherence, which is exactly what Feinstein would have learned if she'd read the ABA report on Kavanaugh.  

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