Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to Supreme Court

"The Senate confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court Saturday, in a close 50-48 vote that saw just one Republican and one Democrat cross party lines." - National Review

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....that he's on the court, finally, and praying that the Democrats (a) get shellacked this November and (b) learn from the experience that bad things happen when they ignore the rules of evidence.  It was quite stunning how the "#I believe you" crowd more or less ignored every indication that Christine Ford's story might not be true.  I'm hoping and praying that millions of men who might end up on the bad side of a false allegation, as well as their wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, and daughters, show up in force to repudiate the "witch hunt" Brett Kavanaugh went through. 

I'm all about getting justice for those who have been abused--just told a guy last night how someone he knew ought to proceed--but I'm not about to simply assume someone's story is true when none of the proposed corroborating evidence comes through, and when weakness/discrepancies are found in that story. 

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Couldn't agree more

Dr. Paul Henebury

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