Movie "Joyful Noise" targets Christian audiences?

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Perry movies, supposedly Christian are also PG-13. As are "Christian" movies produced by T.D. Jakes. That is, except for one of his that was rated "R."

Incidentally, both "Joyful Noise" and the Perry movies are, how can I put this, homosexual friendly. Tyler Perry = a man in a dress. The Perry attends a "church" that while OFFICIALLY opposes homosexuality, nonetheless has a HUGE homosexual population. The director (and writer) of "Joyful Noise" is homosexual. He is also Jewish, so he denies that this movie has any religious significance or message, claiming that his interest in gospel music is entirely artistic. Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah both have HUGE homosexual fanbases for (different) reasons that I won't get into. So, there is a lot of wink wink nudge nudge "dog whistle" type stuff aimed at the homosexual community with "Joyful Noise" just as there is with the Perry movies. Abomination, plain and simple ...

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