Count the Marvel gods: Is Jesus just one of the gang in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'?

"...they have been 'scrubbed' until 'these characters tend not to believe anything or stand for anything,' ....But it's hard to avoid religion when creating mythologies that include creation, miracles, superpowers, healing, eternal life and clashes between good and evil." - Terry Mattingly

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It's a lot of fun, but theologically, it's a mess.  They're trying to get everything in there, and the end result is that the storyline suffers a lot.  The main thing redeeming it is that Natalie Portman (aka "female Thor") seems to redeem the movie quite a bit simply by insisting that she is actually going to act.

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I wouldn't look to anything in the MCU being theologically relevant at any scale.  It is filled, with much of what we see in the universe.  Flawed gods/superheros that are looking to redeem themselves through some action or self-sacrifice.  One thing it does for me is to allow me to reflect on the majesty of God.  A being that is not flawed in anyway, the pinnacle of perfection, seeking to redeem others.  He is only driven by His own self-will and His utter perfection of mercy and love.