Selective abortions prompt call for ultrasound rules

“A fetus’s gender should not be revealed until after 30 weeks of pregnancy, says an editorial in the Canadian Medical Journal.”
(HT: Don Johnson)

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When my wife needed an ultrasound because of a serious pregnancy complication the Air Force technician told her that an ultrasound had to be ordered by a doctor. The USAF made this decision because eligible women had been asking for ultrasounds and then going off-base for abortions because of the sex of the baby. I don't know what the policy is now, but it was a great policy in 1990.

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I'm a midwifery student, and I think that most Christians are probably not aware that most/almost all genetic testing is for the purpose of choosing termination of the child's life; the earlier you suspect something is amiss, the better for having an abortion. And some level of genetic testing is done on pretty much all women without their knowledge or permission. Ultrasound is a genetic testing tool.

Earlier I had this vague, naive idea that genetic testing was somehow supposed to be helpful to parents to get ready for having a handicapped child before birth, but now . . .

And it has such high mistake rates, too.