New York and the culture of death

"Many were alarmed and dispirited by footage this week of raucous cheering in the New York state Senate chamber.... for a bill to remove any protections as persons from unborn children at any stage of pregnancy." - Russel Moore

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Three of the main issues to which the progressive left will absolutely lose their minds if anyone ever challenges them on it include the Environment, Homosexuality, & Abortion. 

(Well, actually there is a fourth issue.  Trump.)

However twisted they be on the environment, I can understand it to a point.  I mean, who doesn't worship cute, fluffy bunnies and Bambi hugging trees together??

Regarding Homosexuality, I "get it" in at least that it at least involves some kind of companionship, someone to share at least some part of life with, and not being alone.  Even the drive to be sexually active in that manner is at least "understandable" in the sense that most of us have sexual urges.

But abortion?  Abortion is a special kind of demonic evil.  Aside from not being "burdened" with a baby they don't "want" or the money they make, what exactly does the abortionist and/or the person having an abortion get out of it??  What is in it for them?  Abortion, I don't understand because it involves the grotesque mutilation/maiming or poisoning another human to death.  In a sense I can "understand" not wanting a baby, but why does it have to be killed?  Adoption isn't an option?  

Abortion is evil incarnate.  Yes, worshipping the environment quite often goes too far and homosexuality is an abomination to God.  But Abortion?  To me, that is on deeper level of unholy depravity.

Proverbs 6:16-17,  "These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,"

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Yes....  I see the abortion phenomenon as the strongest proof so far in human history of mankind's ability to not see what it doesn't want to see. Humans are capable of rationalizing anything if their prior commitments require them to.

There are many signs, though, that the culture in general is slowly moving toward more restraint. But philosophically, the west doesn't know anymore what a human being is or why a human life that isn't born yet should matter. Fortunately, what humans don't have any rational basis for we can sometimes see our way to irrationally.... and it's hard to argue with what your "heart" tells you when you see a developing infant via ultrasound, or video/photos of fetuses in utero.

(I don't mean to say that protecting fetal life has no rational basis, but the West in general, having rejected the idea of objective truth and the reality of transcendent moral standards, doesn't really have any rational basis for distinguishing right and wrong at all.)