Moore: "...we now have a de facto established state church."

Russel Moore: “When it is now impossible for one who holds to the catholic Christian view of marriage and the gospel to pray at a public event, we now have a de facto established state church.”

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A little hyperbole from Moore there, but I share his grief.

The most surprising/not-surprising thing about it all is the Left's complete ignoring of history... as though "evangelicals" invented the idea that marriage is man-woman and homosexuality is sin.

Surprising on a gut level because it seems to unbelievable that people would be that ignorant/dismissive of thousands of years of consistent message. Not surprising because once you embrace a philosophy of "progress," history becomes irrelevant. What matters is always Now and the Great What's Next in our "societal evolution."

We really shouldn't be surprised by any level of foolishness from a society that set aside the authority of the Bible many decades ago (and even abandoned the idea of time-tested human wisdom as well!)


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