Regular Baptist Press Has a New Director

"David Gunn has been named director of Regular Baptist Press. Gunn, who joined the staff of RBP in 2014, assumed his new responsibilities in early September." 

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My old teacher! I have had him for at least ten classes. I always appreciated his emphasis on growing in the Lord instead of just academically. 

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Regular Baptist Press has some work to do. Old Testament lessons for children don't connect with Christ like the Gospel Project from Lifeway. I think everything in their entire scope and sequence for all ages needs revision.

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Jonathan's comment ought to be a subject of a different post.  Since my church is GARBC, we use RBC Sunday School materials, and his concerns are--as I'm the "Grand Poo-bah" of Sunday School there--obviously concerning to me.  It could be a valuable discussion.

I don't know whether to "like" his comment because it's an important concern and something we all ought to think about, or "dislike" it because it's sad news.  Either way, the comment is appreciated, and ought to have some of its own forum. 

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Then again, since I'm pretty sure RBP is committed to dispensational theology, they might forgo trying to reinterpret the OT according to the Christological hermeneutic that has become popular today.

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I've liked a whole lot of Regular Baptist Press materials. Their BuildUP series is excellent. I like their bible studies, especially the one on being a Baptist (based on Bauder's book). I don't like curriculums too much, and don't slavishly follow them by rote when I use them. So, for me, I personally don't care whether the lesson covers certain points. If I think it's important, I'll bring the point into the lesson myself.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.