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How to Read Your Bible without Missing the Point

"Jonathan Pennington and Constantine Campbell have written Reading the New Testament as Christian Scripture: A Literary, Canonical, and Theological Survey—a New Testament introduction that helps us [answer] these huge questions. Far from a dry textbook full of historical data and Greek word studies with no real theology or application, Pennington and Campbell bring the most important topics to light" - TGC

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BJU Seminary Launches Journal of Biblical Theology & Worldview

"To aid the church in commending and defending the faith in our late modern context, the journal's articles intend to exemplify rigorous study that is faithful to Scripture, consistent with our theological heritage, alert to current scholarship, and directed toward contemporary application." - Eric Newton, Editor

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The Chronicles of Narnia Still Grips Our Imagination, 70 Years Later

"As this month marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Christians would do well to ask whether The Chronicles of Narnia might show us the way to address the generations to come." - TGC

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LifeWay files suit over contract, Thom Rainer disputes

"Rainer claims he received 'a written and amicable release from publishing' with the Southern Baptist Convention entity in October 2019, he discussed his publishing activities with LifeWay’s attorney and he 'assumed all was well' until receiving notice of the lawsuit Monday (Sept. 28)." - BPNews

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A Vision for Anthropology: Joshua Farris talks about his new book “An Introduction to Theological Anthropology”

"I also intend to advance an overarching vision of humanity that is consistent with ancient and biblically driven views of the human and that, at the same time, is commensurate with and informed by contemporary reflections from the sciences. In other words, don't let the word 'introduction' throw you." - Ref21

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Why Gideons International Is Scaling Back Bible Printing

"Distributing Bibles in the US has also grown more difficult. The number of hotels accepting Bibles has dropped about 20 percentage points over the past decade.... Apart from that, according to Heighway, the Gideons are in a period of “refocusing and rebalancing” the ministry." - CToday

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