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Exposing Hidden Curriculum: Choosing Ministry Tools with Care

A few years ago I decided that using my wife’s kitchen shears to edge around my house’s sidewalks was not only embarrassing my family (my neighbors made comments), but it was also highly impractical. So I went to the local home improvement store to buy a trimmer—a process that was far more perplexing than I had anticipated. The number of trimmers to choose from delayed my usual in-and-out approach to shopping. I finally settled on the one that would best meet my needs, and it has served me well ever since.

Choosing between ministry tools can be as confusing as choosing between trimmers, because we have so many choices. As ministry leaders, we need to choose our tools wisely, for they influence our people in ways that we may not have even considered. We ought to look for tools that reflect our doctrinal beliefs and allow us to minister effectively.

It’s not just what we say; it’s what we say and do!

When we choose ministry tools that do not support our convictions on key doctrinal issues, we communicate more than we think. We communicate a curriculum that is taught by our actions, not by our words. This curriculum is hidden; it is the ideas we teach as a result of our actions. Hidden curriculum is never what we intend to teach, but it has a lasting impact.

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Ed Stetzer to become editor of Outreach magazine, Sermon Central, Church Leaders

"As part of this move, I will be leaving Christianity Today. I’m thankful for my time there. It includes several friendships and some significant impact together. I will remain a paying subscriber and a supporter because I think that Christianity Today is an important part of evangelicalism." - C.Today

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Do we need a $300 limited edition “art-inspired Good Publishing NIV Bible”?

"But so-called 'premium' Bibles aren’t new. And while they may not carry the same steep price tag, a number of new and traditional Bible publishers are stressing the beauty of an old-fashioned book and the experience of slowing down to read at a time when so much of life is lived online." - C.Today

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Ayako Miura – From Disillusioned Nihilist to Christian Author

"She laughed when her friends said that, 'in today’s scientific, progressive world, if something cannot be proved it is the same as not existing.' In her view, 'if there was no scientific proof that God did not exist, then it was unscientific to say that He did not.'" - Ref21

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An update on Paul Henebury's book

"I thought I would write something about the book I have been writing for some time now. The book is called The Words of the Covenant: A Biblical Theology. It’s subtitle is Old Testament Expectation. I am working with the publisher to finalize the manuscript. Lord willing it will be at the printers in the summer. " - Paul

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Is mixing religion and politics leading to rise of the 'nones'?

"The marrying of religion and politics among conservatives to create the well-known and powerful religious right that forms a voting bloc for the Republican Party has led some Americans to abandon their ties to the Christian faith and join the ranks of secularists, scholars argue in a new book." - C.Post

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