Mattel launches gender-fluid dolls

"Mattel's new gender-fluid Creatable World doll can be harmful to children confused about their gender and will likely flop on the market, Christian experts told Baptist Press." - BPNews

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Bert Perry's picture Mattel's classic "Barbie" doll, which in real life would be 6' tall and 110 lbs with DD cup size?  The closest I can come is "surgically enhanced anorexic".    Precisely what sex it would have started out as is hard to determine--with either Barbie or Ken, really. 

Or, put differently, Mattel has, with their "Barbie and Ken" series, already done a huge amount of damage to kids' views of life, so this is just incremental, IMO.  You will find no dolls by Mattel in the toy chests of my four daughters for that reason.   There is simply a ton of stuff that is better.  

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