Here’s Who Willow Creek Chose to Investigate Bill Hybels

"The new Willow Creek Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is co-chaired by Jo Anne Lyon, general superintendent emerita and current ambassador of The Wesleyan Church, and Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals." - CToday

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Having first met him in the late 1970's, and having seen & observed him in various contexts numerous times since then, I'd expect him to be thorough, deliberate, and principled in conducting such an investigation.

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On the bright side, they've got some smart people on the committee, and it looks like the charter is good.  They must investigate what Hybels did or didn't do to figure out a lot of the organizational culture, and they are going to look at that culture, too.

On the down side, those smart people are already heavily booked for their time, and I don't yet see anyone that would obviously have the "nose" to suss out where the organizational habits are wrong.  Maybe the Wheaton psychology professor, but I'm not sure.  Hopefully either I am underestimating the group, or the group finds a new member/hire that does have that nose.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I've been friends with the HR team at Willow for many years.  It has been interesting how they have worked Diligent over the past 8 or so years to create a health staff culture.  .It was interesting from my perspective to see that Bill was not accountable in the ways the rest of the staff are as he reported to the board which is a black mark on the board.  As messy as having the board stepping down is to the continuation of an organization I was please that they did.  I'm pleases to see the make-up of this group I'm wondering if they will engage another level to get into the work of investigation and process improvement.

Please keep my friends in prayer as they navigate this on an organization staff level and on a very personal level.

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In the world of evangelical leadership - Leith Anderson has the MO of integrity. I'm thankful his steady hand is on this process.

Prayers for all and Straight Ahead!


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