Bill Hybels Names Male, Female Co-Pastor Team as His Successor

"We're welcoming two tested, respected leaders who embrace our values to assume roles that fit their unique gifts and talents," Hybels said.

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Bert Perry's picture the new pastoral couple's exegesis of 1 Timothy and Titus, to put it mildly, though I guess in today's contorted legal landscape, a woman could indeed sort of claim to be a "one woman man" these days.   It's worth noting that the higher position here is going to be held by the woman.

One nice thing about the situation is that I can point out that Hybels is at least mentoring the gentleman, and has for over a decade.  That puts us "complementarians" to shame in many regards, and is a reasonable interpretation of Matthew 28, IMO.  Except for the part about ignoring Paul's prescriptions for church leadership, of course.

On a side note, I really don't envy the "lucky couple", since it's likely that a large portion of Willow Creek's success rests in the person of Bill Hybels--and that's going to drip away with Hybels over the next few years.  Not an easy job, even beyond the theological differences I have with them.

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