Why Has Quarantine Made Me So Angry?

"Why was the master angry at the guests who turned down his invitation to feast in Luke 14:21? They considered their own business more important than his, and so despised him. And why was the older brother angry—refusing to join the feast––in Luke 15:28? He was indignant that the younger brother, living life below him, had suddenly been honored above him." - TGC

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It strikes me that there are some things that are just our inconvenience, but there are other things with this--arbitrarily shutting down churches and businesses, political leaders refusing to enforce laws against rioters leading to destruction of businesses and homes, etc..--where anger is righteous.  Or at least I thought that, per places like Romans 13, we had the right to expect that laws would be enforced equitably.

I'm personally in a place like the author--it's mostly an inconvenience for me--but my mood would be quite different if I were, say, the owner of one of the car lots torched in riots, or the owner of a small business kept closed long after my competition was allowed to re-open.

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