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‘Cussing Pastor’ Returns: Mark Driscoll Swears While Addressing Abortion, Calls Biden ‘Coward’ Headed to Hell

"Last week, Driscoll posted a video clip from a May sermon at a men’s event, wherein he discussed '23 Scriptures Commanding True Christians To Oppose Abortion.'" - C.Leaders

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Hillsong Reveals Investigations Around Brian Houston

"The board of directors of Hillsong, the global megachurch and music empire co-founded by Australian pastor Brian Houston, released a statement Friday addressing two complaints about Houston, including an accusation that the married pastor had spent time alone in a hotel room with a woman in 2019." - C.Today

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Ontario’s Most Influential Pastor Resigns Following Abuse Investigation

"Anabaptist Bruxy Cavey preached 'Jesus over religion' and drew record crowds of Canadians who were put off by traditional church. Now they’re reckoning with their former leader’s misconduct." - CToday

More at RNS: Bruxy Cavey’s former megachurch debates allegations: Sex abuse or an affair? and 

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Why the Tax-Exempt Mansion of One of the Wealthiest American Preachers Is Under Scrutiny (Again)

"...critics claim the organization—and many others—takes advantage of loopholes and vaguely worded clergy-housing allowances, shifting tax burdens to other residents." - C.Leaders

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