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Why the Tax-Exempt Mansion of One of the Wealthiest American Preachers Is Under Scrutiny (Again)

"...critics claim the organization—and many others—takes advantage of loopholes and vaguely worded clergy-housing allowances, shifting tax burdens to other residents." - C.Leaders

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The Progression of Cultic Leadership: Thoughts on The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

“This is relevant to us even in our circles, because many GARBC pastors and church leaders were deeply enamored with Driscoll during the peak of his popularity. With the accessibility of YouTube sermons and MP3s back in the day, the invention of podcasts, and the availability of conferences, scores of pastors within our own circles had become loyal listeners of Driscoll.” - Mike Hess

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Ex-nanny of former Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz accuses him of sexual misconduct

"A legal representative for the Lentz family told Religion News Service that they 'vehemently deny the allegations and, in addition to that, have irrefutable proof the events did not happen as they are being described.'" - C.Post

RNS: Sex abuse allegations by Carl Lentz’s former nanny put spotlight on Hillsong culture

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