Martin Luther responds to Joel Osteen

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or sinful about these statements? These are Joel's tweets from the article.

1- Life is too short to hang around cynical people. Find people who believe in your dreams and celebrate your victories.

2- Life may have weakened and discouraged you, but where you are is not where God wants you to stay.

3- Don't settle where you are. You're not just anybody. God says you are equipped, empowered and well-able.  

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1.  It's not in Scripture.

2.  If your dreams are insane or idiotic, you need cynical people to bring you back to reality.  If your victories are in sin, you need cynical people to bring you back to Christ.  David had Nathan, Ahab had Elijah, Ananias had Peter, Peter had Paul, etc..

3.  If life has weakened and discouraged you, your name may be Paul, and God may have you in that jail to write most of the New Testament.  Huge portions of Christians, including all of the apostles, were weakened and discouraged through what they suffered through Christ.

4.  1 Cor. 7 tells Christians to be content where they are, and 1 Cor. 12-4 tells us that God, not us, is in charge of the wonderful gifts of the Spirit.

At your (sometimes cynical I confess) service, brother.  :^)

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