10 Tips for Finding a Ministry Position During the Pandemic

"During the lockdown, I’ve often thought about how kind God was to our church in allowing us to complete the hiring process before everything screeched to a halt. But during the lockdown, I’ve also thought about how difficult it would be to find a job in a church right now. Never before have more pastors had the potential to be caught in limbo between churches, or between seminary graduation and a church position." - TGC

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Even during normal times, finding the right ministry position can be tough.  My heart goes out to those who are facing the present challenge.  Our church will likely be filling two full-time pastoral positions within the next two or three years, with the first within the next twelve months.  Though probably not as daunting as the individuals who are looking, finding the right candidates can be a challenging proposition for a church.  May God grant much grace and wisdom on both ends of this equation.

G. N. Barkman