Will Ben Sasse provide conservatives and Christians with someone to vote for in November?

"What Sasse is selling these customers is the kind of conservatism that defined the Tea Party before Trump demonstrated that, for many of these voters, attitude beats ideology or policy." Will Ben Sasse Challenge Trump?

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I am surprised that no one significant has announced a third party bid.  If there ever was an opportunity for a third party, this is it!  Still, a moderate conservative would do better (politically) than a  conservative conservative.  Someone like Kasich, for example.

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day late and a dollar short.  The filing deadlines are fast approaching and IIRC some have passed.  In AZ for example, you need to be on the "official" write in list for a write in vote to be counted in the first place.

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I've talked to his Chief of Staff, and his office has made some decisions over the last few weeks in an effort to tamp down the calls for Sasse to run. For one thing, two weeks ago, they received interview requests from every major network for the Sunday shows, and they turned every single one of them down. Earlier in the year, Sasse's CoS, when I pushed him to convince Sasse to run, told me that his name recognition was too low. If Sasse had the slightest interest in running, he wouldn't have turned down every interview and the chance to raise his name recognition on the heels of his Facebook letter.