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How Did So Many Fact Checkers Get the Tragic Story of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Wrong?

"for a reporter, it’s not enough to just ask questions. You have to actually get answers. The people who attempted to fact check the Indianapolis Star’s reporting had plenty of questions about the story itself, but publishing those questions in and of itself does not constitute a fact check." - Relevant

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The Dispatch Fact Check: 2021 Year in Review

"The Dispatch Fact Check continued to work tirelessly on familiar forms of disinformation. Coronavirus and vaccine misinformation continued apace, and new conspiracies popped up in other areas like the events of January 6. We’ve assembled a list of some of the most significant (and strangest) pieces of disinformation of the year" - The Dispatch 

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Did Evangelical Leaders Pray Over the Golden Trump Statue at CPAC?

"Zegan displayed the statue at the Conservative Political Action Conference hoping to sell it for $100,000, and while Trump and his Magic Wand was a popular backdrop for photos at the conference, the viral image above is the product of Photoshop." - The Dispatch

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Did CNN Report That Antifa ‘Claimed Responsibility’ for Storming Capitol Hill? Did a Facial Recognition Software Company Identify Antifa Members at the Capitol? No, and No

"A graphic has started to spread on social media, allegedly showing a CNN chyron reporting that Antifa was behind the attack on Congress on Wednesday." It's fake. Also "XRVision never actually identified Antifa members at the riot: The company’s attorney issued a statement to BuzzFeed decrying the Washington Times article as 'outright false, misleading, and defamatory.'"

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Ben Sasse: What happens on January 6?

"Since Election Day, the president and his allied organizations have raised well over half a billion (billion!) dollars from supporters who have been led to believe that they’re contributing to a ferocious legal defense. But in reality, they’re mostly just giving the president and his allies a blank check that can go to their super-PACs, their next plane trip, their next campaign or project." - Sasse

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