Harvest Bible Chapel founder James MacDonald faces foreclosure on $1.6M home

"James MacDonald, controversial founder of Harvest Bible Chapel in greater Chicago, is now in danger of losing his custom-built home in Elgin, Illinois, for failing to pay his mortgage with the Republic Bank of Chicago, according to a new lawsuit." - CPost

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He must have wasted a lot of money because he surely made enough to afford such a home. 

He made a full time salary from church and from Walk in the Word. Check the 990. I NEVER send in support to a ministry where a well-known pastor also gets a salary from his media ministry. 

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....his return to ministry in California.  Ouch.  It probably also suggests why he was so worked up about the financials at Harvest.  Question in my mind is where it all went, and whether the elders should have picked up on what was going on.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.