Rare 1616 King James Bible found in cupboard of 57-year-old New Zealand church

"Only 30 copies of the 1616 edition of the King James Bible are thought to exist – and one of them has recently surfaced in the cupboard of a 1960s church in Manawatū, in the lower North Island of New Zealand." - ACNS

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... communion wafers from 1962, and the 1971 VBS decorations. (joking)

Another good reason for churches to do spring cleaning.

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“I’m not sure what place an old bible would have had in a new church,” Houben told Stuff. “I feel quite sorry for this old girl in a way. They were made to be read and held. They weren’t made to be locked in a glass coffin.

“It almost seems out of place having it down in little, old New Zealand. It’s got old bones and a good heart, but it's from a whole different world.”

I can appreciate if people have electronic access to the Scriptures and if they use them, great. But the Bible is fast becoming irrelevant to many. 

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I love old books--my oldest is 292 years old now (the Torah from the Berlenburger Bibel)--and having seen innumerable things taken out of storage from churches (and homes) only to go directly into the dumpster, I rejoice that this treasure didn't suffer the same fate.  Hopefully this book will find a prominent place to be displayed somewhere in New Zealand.  

And yes, as Aaron notes, there are many times that there are few better things to to for the Gospel than to wander into the garage/storage shed/basement/wherever and ask "which of these things do I really need, and which of these things will add value to my life?".  Way off topic, but true.

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