Three Lines in the Sand

Note: “Three Lines in the Sand, Part 4,” has been removed.

Friends, I have been grieved from the start that this article series that I had hoped would help with a desired unity between Type A, B, and C has, in fact, done just the opposite. The failure is mine. First, I spent too much attention on the differences between Type B’s and A’s. Second, I spent too much attention on differences between myself and several other ministries. Third, some of the details I gave were not precise. I did not intentionally lie, but I missed “the” pure picture on several statements.

All of that has produced an ugly spirit that has floated over this article almost from the beginning. I am the writer, so I will take the blame here. I am so very sorry. I have asked God to forgive me, and I ask you all to do the same.

If anyone wants the last installment of “Three Lines in the Sand,” write me offline, and I can give it to you. It may be that we can post this some other time after prayer, reflection, and a clear sense that the writing is both accurate and presented in the best manner. I just believe Satan is using this, and the good is being hurt by the negative that’s coming out of this.

I clearly blew it here. As we got into this, I thought I could clean it up as I went. That was the wrong approach.

I pray for your forgiveness,


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