2019 FBFI Annual Fellowship – Audio

“…now you can attend virtually by means of the conference audio. We’ll link each session below, with brief descriptions of the messages. The last night of the conference I had a lot of trouble going to sleep — my mind kept replaying moments through the conference, thinking about the messages and the whole time of fellowship. It was a spiritual highpoint for sure.” - Don Johnson


This is the first FBFI National Meeting that I have attended in several years. What a fellowship! Pastor Heinze and the good folk of Red Rocks Baptist Church treated us with such gracious kindness. I never encountered any tribalism in the meetings. The messages were Biblically sound and delivered with a humble spirit of dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

I have hope for the future of the FBFI. BTW, just received the latest issue of Frontline and it is focused on the Fundamentals. So far, it has been an excellent read.

And download the accompanying handout.

Jim, sorry I didn’t connect with you, come to Indy next year

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

I haven’t heard Will Senn preach since I attended his church for a year while in grad school, but I do remember it being excellent at the time.

Dave Barnhart